A group of Israeli fundamentalists attacked, on Thursday after midnight, a Chilean tourist while walking through a public park in Jerusalem after “suspecting” that he is an Arab.Israeli sources reported that eight fundamentalists attacked the tourist by beating and kicking him to several parts of his body. He was later moved too Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem.

Israeli Yedioth Ahranoth reported, Monday, that Toldo Dominis, 43 years old, arrived in Israel last week in order to attend a wedding for the son of his friend who immigrated to Israel several years ago.

On Thursday night, Dominis went for a walk and a tour in Jerusalem, and as he was returning to his residence he was attacked by eight fundamentalists who initiated the attack by asking him if he was an Arab.

The paper added that the Israeli police arrested the eight youths who denied attacking the tourist, and claimed that they were drinking alcohol at the park.

The police determined that the eight youths were intoxicated when they were arrested, and sent them to a hearing at the District Court in Jerusalem on Sunday.

The Police demanded they remain under interrogation for five days, but the court rejected the demand and said that they should be released on Monday if no charges were presented against them.