An official Jordanian source reported Wednesday that a number Israeli extremists attacked on Tuesday at night two employees working at the Jordanian embassy in Tel Aviv.
The Al Ghad Jordanian Paper reported that the Jordanian Foreign Ministry is holding talks with its embassy in Tel Aviv in order to unveil the circumstances of the attack and to conduct the needed measures.

The two employees suffered concussions and bruises to various parts of their bodies after two soldiers in civilians clothes demanded that they present their passports.

The two carried special Israeli Identity Cards as they work at the embassy, but the extremists demanded that they present valid passports.

In Jordan, the Islamic Action Front Party slammed the attack against embassy employees and demanded the Jordanian Government to act.

The Front stated that this attack is a humiliation to Jordan, and that Amman must reconsider its diplomatic relations with Israel “as it is an enemy that does not respect our values, our holy sites and our interests”, the Front said.

Jordanian Foreign Minister, Nasser Jouda, also slammed the attack and described it as an attack against Jordan’s sovereignty.

It is worth mentioning that despite having an embassy in Tel Aviv, Jordan does not have an official ambassador in Israel as it never appointed a new ambassador after the former ambassador, Ali Al Ayed, left his post and became the Jordanian Minister of Media and Communications.