A Palestinian couple was arrested, on Tuesday, after Israeli troops searched their house in Hebron. The Israeli military also ordered Palestinian laborers to stop working in the village of Nahalin, PNN reported.According to local sources in Hebron, the two detained were Abdul Majid al-Maliyeh, 27, and his wife Hanadi Yacoub Abu Maliyeh. They were arrested inside their home, during a raid in the city by the Israeli army.

In the village of Nahalin, near Bethlehem, three notices were issued to workers to stop working while they were building homes. Later, stop-work notices were distributed to the homes of the Mashideh and Maskuneh families, who were cited for not having licenses.

In addition, council head Osama Shakarneh reported that Israeli soldiers, who claimed to be members of the municipal administration, blockaded the entrance and the exit of the western area of the village.

In Rafat, a village of the central West Bank, the council head Ursan Shahadeh denounced Israeli troops for the blockade of a mosque for several hours as they started inspections in the village.