Arab League Secretary-General, Amro Mousa, urged Lebanon’s political leaders to act in a calm and a wise manner amidst the collapse of the Lebanese government, and the threat of a civil war in the country.Mousa called on all parties to play their rhetoric down, and to give talks a chance to proceed in order to avoid tensions and a tragic situation.

He said that the Arab League will act against unrest, adding that the current political and security situation will harm the interests of Beirut.

This came after the Lebanon-based Hezbollah party, and its Christian ally Michel Aun, decided on Wednesday January 12, to quit the coalition of the Lebanese unity government.

The issued pushed the United States, Israel and France to start what was called as “diplomatic moves said to be aiming at thwarting possible clashes between Hezbollah and Israel”.

The fall of Lebanon’s national unity government following the resignation of Hezbollah ministers and their allies has “raised concerns in Israel”, according to Israeli sources.

Israeli Defense Minister, Ehud Barak, held a closed-door session in which he said that Israel is closely monitoring the situation in Lebanon.

But Israeli officials played down the possibility of an escalation between Israel and Hezbollah.

An Israeli official stated that Tel Aviv conveyed an indirect message to Lebanon stating that maintaining calm in the region is a regional interest, and to refrain from “hasty actions”, Israeli Ynet News Reported.

Israel is currently closely following the developments, while Yossi Levy of the Foreign Ministry, described the issue as an “internal Lebanese affair”.

U.S. President, Barack Obama, stated that Washington supports the Lebanese Prime Minister, Saad Al-Hariri, and a tribunal backed by the United Nations.

His statements came during his Wednesday meeting with Al Hariri in Washington.

Obama saluted Hariri for what he called “his efforts to achieve peace and consensus in Beirut, and stability in the region.