Israeli soldiers invaded on Wednesday “Khirbit At Taweel”, a small village near the northern West Bank city of Nablus, and handed the residents military orders to demolish their clay homes by Thursday. The village is “unrecognized” by the Israeli occupation, and its homes were demolished six times so far.

The residents fear that the army and the police were intend to invade the village to demolish the homes on Thursday.

Some of the residents who were handed the military orders were identified as Ghallab Ibrahim Mayadma, Wasfi Ibrahim Mayadma, Mohammad Mayadma and Jihad Wasfi.

It is worth mentioning that at least 7000 Dunams of village lands were taken away from the residents due to Israel’s construction of illegal settlements on village lands.

Settlements surrounding the village are Jeteet, established in 1973 and inhibited by 191 settlers living on 1720 Dunams illegally confiscated from the local residents, Maaleh Efraim settlement, established in 1970 and inhibited by 1423 settlers living on 4778 Dunams also illegal confiscated from the Palestinians, and a neighborhood that belongs to Itamar illegal settlement that was built on village lands in 1984, and inhibited by 651 settlers living om 7189 Dunams.

The villagers are mainly shepherds who make a living by selling local made dairy products and meet. The areas they live in are also green and considered among the best grazing sites in the occupied West Bank.

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* 1 Dunam equals approximately 0.247 Acres.