Early Tuesday morning, the Israeli military abducted three Palestinians from Jenin Refugee Camp, during a raid on houses in the camp, and abducted four more Palestinians from the town of Selat al-Haritheya.The Palestine News Agency ‘WAFA’ identified the four men abducted from Selat al-Haritheya as Ayman Hanoun,18 years old;b Ahmad abu Khlaifa, 20; Mohammad Ghara, 20; and Yosef Tahaina,30.

The young men were seized from their homes in the early morning hours, when the Israeli military forcibly entered the homes and ransacked them, allegedly searching for illegal weapons. None were found, but the young men were each taken from their respective homes anyway.

The sources added that more than 20 military vehicles participated in the raid, firing bullets and stun grenades at people who came out from their homes to see what was occurring.