This weekend saw a continuation of clashes in Silwan, a neighborhood in East Jerusalem targeted for Israeli expansion, leaving many Palestinians injured. On Friday, a young Palestinian man from Silwan, was seriously injured when violent clashes erupted while Silwan residents were preparing for prayer.

A man arrived at an unnamed Jerusalem hospital seriously wounded by a rubber bullet fired by Israeli forces during clashes. The bullet was lodged in the young man’s spine and his condition was described as serious.

Clashes were sparked by the firing of tear gas by Israeli forces at Palestinian residents preparing for the weekly public prayer in the Al-Bustan protest tent.

Violent clashes resurged in Silwan on Saturday, February 26, with Israeli forces firing round after round of tear gas and rubber bullets at Palestinian demonstrators.

On Saturday, twenty Palestinian residents were injured by rubber bullets. Three paramedics were also injured.Eyewitness accounts report that Israeli forces ambushed a number of young demonstrators.