The Israeli military invaded, the village of Ceres, south of Jenin in the northern part of the West Bank on Saturday morning. Troops erected a military checkpoint between Ceres and al-Far’a Refugee Camp; and spread out infantry between Krom al-Zaytoun and Ya’bod village.Security sources reported to the Palestinian Wafa News Agency that the Israeli army invaded the village, stationed tanks on streets and alleys; no injuries were reported.

In addition, local sources reported that the Israeli soldiers erected a military checkpoint on the street connecting al-Far’a Refugee camp and the village of Ceres and stopped all Palestinians traveling that route, checking their Israeli-issued identity cards and going through their belongings.

The sources added that the Israeli army spread out infantry forces between Krom al-Zaytoun and the southwest area of the village of Ya’bod, but did not hit any Palestinian civilians with their gunfire.

The Israeli military gave no comment on the reason for the early morning invasion.