Spokesperson of Popular Resistance Committees, Mohammad Al Abreem (Abu Mojahid), welcomed the stances of the new Egyptian government regarding rejecting the Israeli siege on Gaza and the necessity to lift it.Al Breem said that the current stances of the new government pave the road for a new stage that would help in lifting the injustice on Gaza and its people, by lifting a siege that violates the brotherly relations between the Egyptian and Palestinian people.

He also stated that the resistance is still waiting for Egypt to fully open the Rafah Border terminal as its Egyptian side is under full Egyptian control, and that ‘it makes no sense to keep the terminal closed to patients, students and all residents who need to travel or return to Gaza’.

Abu Mojahid welcomed what he called “the return of the leading role of Egypt especially after the Egyptian revolution”, and the return of “Egypt’s role in aiding the Palestinian people and their steadfastness”.

The Resistance Committees urged the Higher Commander of the Egyptian Military council, Mohammad Tantawi, to end the file of Palestinian political prisoners in Egypt by releasing them as soon as possible.