After filming an Israeli jeep blocking traffic and driving through pedestrians in Silwan neighborhood, in East Jerusalem, Muhammed Sadeq of the Jerusalem Media Center was detained by Israeli forces, then released soon after.The neighborhood of Silwan has become a flashpoint for joint Palestinian-Israeli nonviolent protests against home demolitions and settler takeovers of Palestinian homes. The area was designated by the Jerusalem municipality five years ago, in the Jerusalem E1 Plan, as an area where the indigenous Palestinians would be removed, and Israeli Jewsih settlers moved in. The municipality also plans to construct a Biblical Theme Park on the site of the historic homes and buildings, after it demolishes many of the homes.

According to local sources, Muhammed Sadeq was detained along with Fakhri Abu Diab, who is the leader of a non-governmental organization in Jerusalem known as the al-Bustan Committee.

They were questioned by an Israeli soldier, who took their IDs and held the men until a crowd gathered demanding their release. After several hourse, the two men were released.

A number of people known as ‘leaders’ in the non-violent struggle in Silwan neighborhood have been detained and abducted by Israeli forces in recent days. Last week, Jawad Siyam, the head of the Wadi Hilweh Information Center, was held in Israeli custody until his wife agreed to come in and be interrogated. Such coercion of witnesses is considered illegal under international law.