The European network to Support the Rights of Palestinian Prisoners, (UFree), denounced Tuesday an Israeli court ruling forcing a blind Palestinian detainee in solitary confinement for additional six months.The detainee was identified as Ebada Sa’id Bilal, form the northern West Bank city of Nablus.

The Network demanded Israel to remove the detainee from solitary confinement, and called on the Arab League, the Organization of the Islamic Conference, and International humanitarian groups around the world to act on his release due to harsh medical conditions that requires specialized treatment and rehabilitation.

It added that Palestinian detainees are facing ongoing violations and assaults amidst increased similar incidents of extended solitary confinement.

The Organization further called on improving the living conditions of the detainees, and for ensuring that they are not deprived from their basic rights.

“Solitary confinement is an immoral and inhumane policy”, the UFree reported, “The occupation uses this cruel punishment in an attempt to break the detainees physically and psychologically”.

There are more than 20 detainees who are currently in solidarity confinement, been there for months and even years.

Thousands of Palestinian political prisoners were placed in solitary confinement as Israel forces them into tiny, dirty, dark and humid cells during the course of their Interrogation and/or imprisonment, which is many cases takes months and even years.

More detainees are usually confined to tiny cells as a punishment for their activities among the detainees, in addition the solitary confinement of detained political leaders and resistance fighters.