You are an enemy to yourself and the Palestinian struggle. You have just renounced your right to call yourself Palestinian. Juliano, Vittorio, Rachel Corrie Tom Hurndall and many others all understood what it meant to be Palestinian and showed their Palestininian-ness through their actions, not their origins. What you have shown us is that you have Israeli colonialist interests at heart. You are helping the occupiers create a society of hate, mutual destruction and devoid of values, Islamic or otherwise.These dedicated activists provide a voice for the voiceless. Congratulations on silencing them yet again. While they stood up against the illegal, immoral occupation and siege as well as the resulting inhumanity, the Palestinian political factions continue to fight and intimidate each other, in a battle over a powerless, nonsensical “Authority” under the thumb of the occupation. Palestinian political authorities in the West Bank and Gaza and the Israeli occupiers collaborate to directly and indirectly promote the language of violence, both verbal and physical, to destroy the social structure of the Palestinian community and kill the international spirit of solidarity.

Israel has been trying desperately to stop the international solidarity with the Palestinian people, by spreading false rumors within Palestinian society, by undercover Zionist agents posing as solidarity activists to sabotage actions, by denying visas and deporting activists, by arbitrary night raids and random arrests, by severe interrogations, by turning their communities at home against them and by regular violence against international activists including Rachel Corrie, Emily Henochowicz, Tristan Anderson, Brian Avery and Tom Hurndall. If international activism were not a threat to the occupation, Israel would not go to such lengths to make solidarity more difficult for international activists.

To the Palestinian People,

We need to protect every soul who is in solidarity with us and therefore I call on Palestinians to make April ‘International Activist Month’. Hold events in mosques, churches, schools, community centers and workplaces to highlight what international activists are doing and the important role those people have in defending the human rights and cultural rights of Palestinians. Talk about the high price that many have paid to defend our schools, our hospitals, our olive trees, our homes, our land, our families, our rights and our lives. Some paid the price twice, within their own communities and tragically within our community. It is our community’s responsibility to protect them, as they have come to join our struggle for freedom. Many of us did not get a chance to tell Vittorio and Juliano how much we love them. Take a minute today to tell any international activists you know that you love them.

To all the international Palestine activists,

I love you all.

Mosab, Palestinian