Palestinian sources in the southern West Bank city of Hebron reported Tuesday morning that Israeli soldiers broke into and occupied a number of homes and used them as monitoring towers. The homes in question are located near settler-only roads leading to illegal Israeli settlements.

The sources stated that soldiers occupied the home of Issa Al Froukh, located near Beit Einoun-Sair Junction, overlooking settlement road number 60. The soldiers placed their gear on top of the home and prevented the family from moving freely in their own property.

Soldiers also broke into the home of Omar Shabana, at the entrance of Bani Neim town, also overlooking a settlement road, and used its rooftop as a monitoring tower.

The home is close to the site were Palestinian gunmen killed four settlers nine months ago.

Furthermore, troops occupied rooftops of several homes near the Keryat Arba’ illegal settlement, in Hebron, and restricted the movement of the residents.
The army stated that the measure was conducted in order to provide security for the settlers during the Jewish Pesach feast.

It is worth mentioning that the West Bank was placed under a ten-day siege starting Monday, while the Ibrahimi mosque in Hebron will be closed to Muslim worshipers on Tuesday and Wednesday.