Palestinian medical sources reported on Thursday morning that a Palestinian youth, in his twenties, died of an electric shock while working in a tunnel under the Gaza-Egypt border, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip. The sources stated that Hasan Al Sha’er lived in Khan Younis, and worked in the tunnels located across the southern borders of the Gaza Strip.
Medical teams found him dead of electrocution, apparently by an exposed electric wire.

Dozens of Palestinians have died in similar accidents in the past four years of siege, during which time the use of tunnels increased significantly, as Palestinians have worked to bring basic goods into Gaza.

These deaths including a number of people killed when tunnels collapsed on them, burying them alive.

After Israel imposed its siege on Gaza in 2007, the tunnels became the only source of limited supplies smuggled into the Gaza Strip. International human rights groups have condemned the siege, and the United Nations has called on Israel to end the Gaza siege and allow goods and people to enter and leave the coastal Strip once again.