As the Palestinians prepare the mark the Nakba Day on Sunday, the Israeli authorities decided to place the West Bank under a 24-hour siege under direct orders issued by Israeli Defense Minister, Ehud Barak. The Israeli Radio reported that Israel will be deploying nearly 10.000 policemen and soldiers in East Jerusalem, and in Arab towns in the 1948 Territories.

The Israeli government said that it will be arresting any person who marks the Nabka in “Israel”, and also deployed hundreds of policemen in cities have have Arab and Jewish inhabitants.

The extensive police presence in Jerusalem, and other areas, is expected to remain in effect for several days especially after a settler shot and killed a youth, identified as Milad Ayyash in Silwan town, in East Jerusalem.

Ayyash was seriously wounded on Friday and died of his wounds at a Jerusalem hospital on Saturday morning. He was shot by a Dumdum illegal round fired by a settler from the illegal “Yonatan” outpost in East Jerusalem. The police also kidnapped two residents in Silwan neighborhood.

Furthermore, hundreds of residents held a massive protest in Jaffa marking the Palestinian Nakba, no clashes were reported.