On Wednesday, the World Bank released a report commending state-building efforts by the PA, noting in particular its success in creating ‘strong public institutions’.However, the World Bank also noted that more work needs to be done to eliminate corruption and improve public services. Considerable polling evidence indicates that most Palestinians consider corruption to be widespread, although the World Bank notes that reported experience of corruption is low by the standards of similar countries.

Miriam Sherper, World Bank Country Directory stated that, ‘Major reforms have been carried out, particularly in public finance, and the PA is now able to better manage its public financial systems and equity holdings”.

The report gave good marks to the PA for its role in public procurement, public sector employment, and regulation of the private sector. However, the World Bank noted that work remains to be done on management of state land assets and that there needs to be greater transparency in licensing. Public access to information was also criticized.

The report noted the difficult political context in which such reforms have taken place.