Dr. Sami Abu Zuhri, media spokesperson of the Hamas movement, stated that the speech of U.S. President Barack Obama, only shows failed U.S. policies that indicate political failure, and added that the Arab nation does not need Obama’s lessons in democracy while he even refuses to denounce the ongoing Israeli occupation, and expressed ongoing support to Israeli crimes. Abu Zuhri added that Obama’s speech was lacked real content, and is only a repetition of meaningless slogans.

The Hamas leader further stated that the Palestinian response would be the speedy implementation of the Palestinian Unity deal.

Abu Zuhri also stated that Obama’s rejection to the unity deal, signed between Fateh movement of President Mahmoud Abbas, and the Hamas movement, dubbed by Israel and the U.S. as a terror group, contradicts with the basics of democracy Obama referred to.

He also reiterated the Hamas’ stance in rejecting to recognize Israel under any circumstances.

Furthermore, Izzat Al Rishiq, member of the Hamas political Bureau said that Obama’s demand to the Palestinians to recognize Israel as a Jewish state shows his clear biased stances towards Israel.

He also denounced Obamas’ calls to delaying the issues of Jerusalem and the refugees until the final stages of peace talks, and his statements that hinted that Israel should keep its settlements blocs in the occupied West Bank and in occupied East Jerusalem.