Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has stated that Israel has a right to work against Freedom Flotilla from breaking siege on Gaza, according to Haaretz. His comments came as Irish activists on board the Irish ship travelling with the flotilla accused direct Israeli state involvement in the deliberate sabotage of the ships propeller shaft, a potentially lethal act according to the ships captain.Benjamin Netanyahu, speaking at a graduating ceremony of Israeli air force pilots on Thursday night, stated that ‘Israel has the full right to operate against efforts to smuggle missiles, rockets and other weapons to Hamas’s terror enclave’.

His comments come as Irsih activists, former Iirsh Rugby player Trevor Horgan and Irish MEP Paul Murphy accused Israel of sabotaging against the Iirsh flotilla vessel in what would have been a potentially lethal act had the ship set sail.

Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman, Yigal Palmor, has denied any direct Israeli involvement in the act stating that “they think they live in a James Bond movie. They should come out of the film world and start getting real’.

Irish activists called a protest and sleep in outside the Israeli embassy in Dublin on Thursday night in an effort to shut down the embassy.