In an interview with Maan news agency advisor to Mahmoud Abbas, Nimir Hammad, has stated that Palestinians are willing to delay going to the UN in a bid for statehood if Israel agreed to the French peace talks proposal set out in June. Nimir Hamed has stated in an interview with Maan news agency that the PA are putting the final touches on the application the UN for Palestinian statehood which would propose a Palestinian state with pre 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as the capital and a right of return for refugee’s.

However, according to Hamed, given acceptance by Israel to implement a settlement freeze in the West Bank and return to talks based on 1967 borders, as outlined by the French peace initiative, Palestinians would defer the UN application.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas had immediately accepted French proposals for peace talks, based on US President Barrack Obama’s proposal of 1967 borders with agreed land swaps, in June. Israel has so far refused to endorse or rule out the proposal saying that it is considering the proposal.

Peace talks between Israel and Palestinian leaders stalled last Septmber after Palestinian negotiators withdrew due to Israel’s return to settlement expansion in the occupied West Bank.

Hamed went on to reject Israeli talk of a Palestinian uprising in September if the UN bid for statehood is successful saying that violent struggle did not serve the interests of Palestinians. The adviser did, however, praise the weekly demonstrations against the construction of the Israeli separation barrier across the West Bank in towns such as Ni Lin, Bi Lin and al Wallaja.