On Wednesday, Maan News reported that Fatah and Hamas have agreed to post-pone reconciliation efforts until after the UN bid for Palestinian statehood.Hamas’ Prime Minister Haniyeh said the two parties are committed to unity and will not split “under any circumstance.”

‘We were partners in blood and we could be partners on all levels. The conciliation is progressing even if it is slow,’ Haniyeh said.

Fatah and Hamas have yet to agree on who will be the future Prime Minister. Fatah has nominated Salam Fayyad for the post, a respected economist by the international community, but Hamas has rejected his nomination.

According to the Jerusalem Post, Hamas has insisted that the future Prime Minister come from Gaza.

A Fatah official in Ramallah confirmed that President Abbas asked Egyptian officials to put pressure on Hamas to accept Salam Fayyad nomination.

Fatah claims the nomination of Salam Fayyad would ensure the continuation of US and European economic aid to Palestine

Israel has encouraged Fatah to reject Hamas, saying that unity between the two political parties will not bring peace to the region.