Thirty-five men from Jenin have made a chair to send to the United Nations in New York in hopeful anticipation of the state of Palestine gaining a seat in the world body.Made of cloth from Nablus weaved in Hebron, the idea for the small blue chair came from Ramallah, engineer Sufian Al-Qawasmi told Ma’an.

It was made in Jenin and two keys symbolizing refugees’ right to return were sent from Jerusalem, said Al-Qaqwasmi, who supervised the design of the chair.

He said the olive-wood chair was made in 48 hours to represent 1948, the year of the Nakba when hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were forced to flee their homes as the state of Israel was established.

‘As the UN seat was a demand to represent Palestine as a state, we ourselves decided to send the seat of Palestine to the UN,’ Al-Qawasmi said.

The chair was designed to fit into a suitcase, and will travel around the world before arriving at the United Nations headquarters in New York.

A delegation will take the chair to Qatar, which will hold the presidency of the General Assembly in September, and then onto Lebanon, which takes over presidency of the Security Council this week.

The chair will also tour Security Council members Russia, France and the UK and the permanent headquarters of the EU in Belgium.

It will then be taken to Spain and Brazil before arriving at its final destination in New York.

Article Source – Maan News Agency