A report publish by the British Newspaper, The Guardian, in London on Monday morning, revealed Israel to be expanding its nuclear arsenal, seeking to develop intercontinental ballistic missiles, and want to boost its “second strike” nuclear capability.The Guardian also stated that Israeli wants to improve its cruise missile effectiveness; they are designed to be fired from its submarines.
According to Israeli daily, Haaretz, Israel currently has three submarines, and two more are being developed in Germany. It also stated that Israel and Germany are discussing the addition of an sixth submarine.

It is worth mentioning that Israel developed its surface-to-surface “Jericho 3” intercontinental ballistic missile that can strike a target over 5000 kilometres away, and is seeking to extend that range.

Several foreign media agencies reported that the Israeli submarines are equipped with nuclear capabilities that would improve the “second strike” military option. Should Israel’s nuclear arsenal be destroyed or disabled, its submarines can retaliate by launching anywhere in the world.

This second strike capability is designed to act as a disincentive for other countries, discouraging them from launching a nuclear strike (or a conventional attack) against them, since the nuclear threat will not be negated easily whilst these submarines roam the seas.

It stated that nuclear countries have a plan to spend more than $800 Billion in the near future in order to upgrade their nuclear arsenals, and that the United States has spent $700 Billion on similar upgrades.

The remaining countries with nuclear arsenals; China, Russia, India, Pakistan, France, Britain and Israel, also intend to invest in upgrading their nuclear capabilities.

It is worth mentioning that the American-British Joint Intelligence Committee prepared a comprehensive report that discusses the future of nuclear submarines owned by the two countries.

The report was prepared by the former British Defence Minister, Malcolm Rifkind, along with former officials of the British Labour Party, and the Social Democratic party.