The Israeli army kidnapped five Palestinian residents from the Refugee Camp of al-’Ein, near the West Bank city of Nablus on Wednesday. All were transferred to an undisclosed location, the Palestinian news agency, Ma’an reported.Local Palestinian sources stated that eight Israeli military jeeps invaded the city at dawn, and broke into several houses in different neighbourhoods.

According to the sources, the army invaded the camp and searched a number of houses. Five residents were detained. They were identified as Hadi Darawsheh, Ahmad Khabbas, Ramzi ‘Affori, Zahi Shbar and Fathallah Fathallah.

In related news, the army also has abducted a Palestinian resident from AL-‘Arrob refugee camp near the city of Hebron in the southern part of the West Bank.

Security sources said that the Israeli military launched an Incursion into the camp, and detained Mohammad Abd al-Fattah al-Halqawi, aged 20.

The sources added that a group of Israeli settlers from the illegal settlements of Kiryat Arba and Kharsina has attacked many houses in the eastern part of Hebron, causing damage to the furniture.

Some of the houses’ owners were known, such as Qassem Jber, Fareed Jaber and Khalil Jaber.