Palestinian security sources reported Friday that the Israeli side handed the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank, a list containing the names of dozens “wanted” Palestinians who received full and partial pardon by Israel.The “pardoned” Palestinians were wanted by Israel, while the Israeli army conducted repeated attempt to arrest them, as well as other “wanted Palestinians”.

The “fully pardoned” Palestinians will be able to move freedom inside the Palestinian territories, and will also be allowed to travel abroad, according to the Israeli army.

The “partially pardoned” Palestinians will be able to move freely in their own districts without the ability to leave to other districts in the West Bank and will not be allowed to travel.

The Maan News Agency quoted an anonymous Palestinian security source stating that the new orders were issued after the Palestinian Authority reached an agreement to gradually end the file of wanted Palestinians, members of different Palestinian factions.

The Muslims will be marking the Al Adha feast this coming Sunday. In previous years, Israel pardoned a number of “wanted” Palestinians and released detainees held for what Israel calls “minor security offenses”.

The moves were said to be ‘acts of good will’ towards Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas.