On Friday, a group of Israeli settlers attacked a family in al-Khader Village, near Bethlehem, while they were working in their orchard. The land is located near the illegal settlement “Eliezer”, the Palestine news & info agency reported (WAFA) reported.Hassan Salah, one of the assaulted family members, said that they were surprised when they saw the settlers cultivating olive trees that belong to the family.

The settlers used their dogs and sticks to assault the Palestinian farmers when they tried to stop them. Salah’s mother, 70, was injured by the settlers.

Hassan stated that both parties (the settlers and the residents) headed to the Israeli Police Station in the nearby illegal settlement of “Etzion”, and the police claimed that the case was transferred to the court.

He added that Palestinian farmlands and orchards are subject to ongoing Israeli attacks, and ongoing attempts to take over the land for the benefit of new settlement construction, and expansion.