The Israeli Radio reported that Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, held a meeting in Amman on Wednesday with Israeli opposition leader of the Kadima Party, Tzipi Livni.The Radio said that Livni demanded Abbas return to the negotiation table without any delays, adding that “Palestinian unilateral moves” will never lead to a comprehensive agreement with Israel.

Livni stated that serious Israeli-Palestinian peace talks will help restore calm in the region, and claimed that “extremist figures in the Arab World are taking advantage of the situation and the protests.

During their meeting, also attended by a number of Israeli officials, Abbas and Livni discussed the Palestinian reconciliation agreement, and the efforts to establish an interim unity government until new elections are held.

Livni said that the reconciliation agreement between Fateh and Hamas and the unity government “limit the chances of reaching a successful peace agreement”.

Israel regards the Palestinian international applications at the UN and a number of its organizations as unilateral moves, and blames the Palestinians for the collapse of peace talks.

The Palestinian leadership quit talks with Israel due to its ongoing violations and illegal settlement activities.