Four-year-old Aseel Ara’ra form the town of Anata near Jerusalem was pronounced dead on Tuesday of wounds sustained October 25, 2011, Palestinian medical sources reported. Her injury left her quadriplegic with numerous health complications.Aseel’s family said that their daughter was wounded by a gunshot in the neck last year when she was playing in an area adjacent to an Israeli military base.

She was admitted to the Al-Maqasid hospital in Jerusalem in a critical condition and later moved to Ramallah hospital until she was pronounced dead.

Aseel’s family requested the Israeli authorities to start an investigation into the case as medical reports indicate that she was wounded with a gunshot from an automatic weapon.

Child Suffers Quadriplegia After Being Shot In The Neck
Thursday October 27, 2011 14:18, by Saed Bannoura – IMEMC & Agencies

Head of the neurological department at the Al Maqassed Hospital, in East Jerusalem, Prof. Sami Hussein, stated that surgeons operated on Aseel Ara’ra, 4, following a gunshot injury to the neck, and that she is currently at the Intensive Care Unit. He added that Aseel’s injury caused Quadriplegia…

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