Israeli sources reported that one soldier died during training at a military base in the south of the country on Wednesday. The soldier had been moved to a hospital in Eilat but was pronounced dead upon arrival. In an unrelated incident, two other soldiers are reported injured following an accidental discharge of live ammunition.High temperatures in the Negev are thought to have contributed to the death of a 19 year old Israeli soldier during training, reported Israeli television Channel 10 recently.

Israeli Army medics tried to provide the soldier with emergency first aid, moving him to hospital in Eilat for further treatment but he was pronounced dead on arrival. Channel 10 added that the soldier may have suffered from heatstroke during the training exercise due to excessive temperatures.

The Commander of the military base where the death occurred has formed an investigation committee including army physicians, and further details may be released following the final outcome of the investigation.

In related news, two Israeli soldiers were injured at a military base in Tal Arad area, in the Negev.

Israeli sources reported that the soldiers were not in training, but were wounded by accidental discharge of live ammunition.

One of the soldiers received injuries to the thigh and pelvis from close range, while the other was hit by shrapnel. The soldiers were moved to Soroka hospital in Be’er Sheva. The army is investigating the incident.