The Palestinian Contractors Union has urged all Palestinian contractors and suppliers to boycott any bids offered by the UN Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) until it decides to withdraw all bids offered to Israeli companies. The Union warned that those who do not boycott the bids would be, in a way, rewarding Israel for the occupation and destroying the Palestinian economy. The Union also called on the Palestinian Authority to intervene and put a stop to such a policy, saying that it ‘disregards the rights of [their] people.’

The decision to boycott all bids was taken yesterday, after a meeting with UNICEF about desalination plants in Gaza, where UNICEF insisted on the participation of Israeli companies.

The UNICEF representative in Palestine, Jean Gough, pointed out that the continuation of the project depends on the decision of the Palestinian counterparts. She also said that UNICEF aims to use the best resources possible and to provide for the children in the quickest time possible.