The Jerusalem Municipality and the Israeli Ministry of Tourism will be allocating 4 million Israeli Shekels for a “sound and light” project, in what Israel calls the “City of David National Park” in Silwan Palestinian town, in occupied East Jerusalem. The project is run entirely by the Elad Association, the largest supporter of settlement in occupied Jerusalem.Israeli daily, Haaretz, reported that the Finance Committee of the Jerusalem City Council approved NIS 1.1 Million for this project, in addition to the NIS 900,000 that were approved and allocated last year. The Ministry of Tourism will also be allocating NIS 2 million.

The project aims at creating a show that would illuminate the ancient Jeremiah cistern located at the entrance of the national park, Haaretz reported.

Despite the external touristic nature of the project, it is entirely operated by the Ir David Foundation (Elad Association), a foundation that is heavily financed by different groups and individuals especially in the United States, mainly Jewish millionaires and Christian Zionists who donate millions for Israel’s settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territory, especially in occupied East Jerusalem.

Jerusalem Deputy Mayor, Joseph Alalo of the Meretz movement, denounced the project and stated that it is “just a trick to benefit Elad foundation”, adding that Elad is continuously trying to take control of Silwan Arab town, and has been acting against any possibility for coexistence between Jews and Arabs in Jerusalem.

The Tourism Ministry said that this project would be a major tourist attraction that would lead to huge financial benefits to Jerusalem.