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11 Jun

Army Kidnaps Palestinian Family In Jerusalem; Child Taken from Playground

A combined force of the Israeli military, police and security services, kidnapped on Monday at dawn, a family in occupied East Jerusalem. Members of Rebah Abu Hums’ family were kidnapped and transported to the Russian Compound (al-Maskobiyya) prison in West Jerusalem for interrogation. The Palestine News & Info Agency, WAFA, […]

11 Jun

Protest Held In Solidarity With Hunger Strikers

June 11, 2012 4:10 PM Sarah Snobar Jerusalem, News Report, Prisoners 0

Dozens of activists, religious figures and families of Palestinian detainees held by Israel, participated Monday in a protest held in front of the Red Cross headquarters in Jerusalem, in solidarity with the hunger striking detainees.The protesters carried signs expressing solidarity with the detainees, and demanding their release. Some of the […]

11 Jun

Under Guise Of Tourism, Israel Plans East Jerusalem Construction

June 11, 2012 3:52 PM Sarah Snobar Jerusalem, News Report 0

The so-called Construction and Planning Committee of the Jerusalem City Council, is scheduled to meet on Monday to approve a final draft on a new massive settlement projects in Silwan town, in occupied East Jerusalem.The El Ad Association, who are one of the principal supporters illegal settlement construction and expansion, […]

11 Jun

Settler Attacks in Retaliation for Regulation Bill Failure

Eight cars belonging to Palestinians were flattened by settlers on Sunday night in Shuafat, Jerusalem. ‘Death to Arabs’ and ‘Ulpana’ were written on cars as retaliation for the failure of the ‘Regulation Bill’ to go through which means the Ulpana outpost in Beit El settlement must be evicted. The Israeli […]

11 Jun

Israeli Forces Attack Homes in Gaza Strip

Israeli forces attacked the homes and lands of Palestinian residents in the east of Khan Younis, South of the Gaza Strip on Monday morning.According to eye witnesses, Israeli forces situated at the border opened fire on the houses and lands north of the towns of ‘Esan and Kharaz’a which led […]

07 Jun

Palestinian prisoner on 84th day of hunger strike at risk of dying

June 7, 2012 3:23 PM Sarah Snobar News Report, Palestine, Prisoners 0

An independent doctor who visited Palestinian prisoner and well-known soccer player, Mahmoud al-Sarsak, said on Wednesday that al-Sarsak is at risk of death and must be hospitalized immediately.Al-Sarsak has been on hunger strike for 84 days and is being held at Ramle prison clinic. He had not been allowed an […]

07 Jun

Multiple Settler Attacks on Thursday Morning

Palestinians in the West Bank were attacked in various locations on Thursday morning by settlers.Settlers attacked Palestinian vehicles on Thursday morning in the south of Nablus and threw stones at the vehicles. Ghassan Daghlas, head of settlement files in the north of the West Bank, said that settlers from Gilad […]

07 Jun

Water Well Destroyed by Israeli Forces

June 7, 2012 1:48 PM Sarah Snobar Israeli attacks, Jenin, News Report 0

A water well north of Jenin was bulldozed by Israeli forces on Thursday morning.Local security forces said that the bulldozers destroyed the well near Beit Qad village, north of Jenin. The well belonged to a Palestinian resident of Tubas and provided water for tens of acres in Beit Qad plain. […]

06 Jun

Settlers Prevent Palestinians from Entering their Lands

Settlers of the Sosia settlement in east Yatta, North of Hebron, protected by the Israeli military, prevented Palestinian families from reaching their agricultural lands on Wednesday despite a court ruling which gave Palestinians the right to be on the land. An Israeli court ruled in favor of the Palestinians last […]

06 Jun

Ulpana Legalization Bill Fails; Government Decides To Build 551 Units

The Israeli Knesset voted against the proposed ‘Regulation Bill’ on Wednesday. The bill would have retroactively legalized settlements in the West Bank. The bill was intended to avoid the implementation of a ruling made by Israel’s High Court that ruled in favor in evicting five homes illegally built in the […]

06 Jun

15 Palestinians Arrested from Gaza Strip and West Bank

15 Palestinians were arrested from both the West Bank and Gaza strip on Wednesday the Wafa News Agency has reported. Sources said that a resident of Jenin, Tariq ‘Aweis, was arrested after Israeli forces raided his home. Three fishermen were arrested in Gaza after Israeli navy boats intercepted their fishing […]

06 Jun

Reduction in UNRWA Services in Gaza: Calls for End of Siege

June 6, 2012 3:58 PM Sarah Snobar Gaza Siege, Gaza Strip, News Report 0

The UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) in the Gaza Strip announced that there will be a reduction in its services in Gaza due to a decline in funding from donor countries. Robert Turner, the new head of UNRWA in Gaza, said that they have decided to cut down on […]

06 Jun

Israeli Forces Invade Various Towns in Hebron

June 6, 2012 3:10 PM Sarah Snobar Hebron, Israeli attacks, News Report 0

Several towns in Hebron were invade by Israeli forces on Wednesday morning. Check points were also set up at town entrances and houses were searched.Wafa News Agency reported that Israeli forces stormed into Wad al-Herya as well as the area south of Hebron city. Israeli forces then searched many houses […]

06 Jun

Amnesty International Calls for the Release of Prisoners

June 6, 2012 2:50 PM Sarah Snobar News Report, Palestine, Prisoners 0

Amnesty International has called on Israel to release all administrative detainees or at least allow them a fair trial.A report issued by Amnesty on Wednesday called on Israel to not use administrative detention as a means to suppress legitimate and non-violent activities. The report also noted that administrative detainees are […]

05 Jun

Wounded Youth Moved To Jordan For Treatment

Consultant to the legal unit established by the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) to follow up Israeli violations of Palestinians rights, Naela Attiyeh, reported that resident Najeh as-Safadi has been transferred to Jordan to continue his treatment after forty centimeters of his intestine was removed due a gunshot wound, in addition […]

05 Jun

Hamas and Fatah to Choose a New Prime Minister

Hamas and Fatah leaders are due to meet on Tuesday in order to discuss the selection of the prime minister of a united government stated a Fatah official on Monday. The Ma’an news agency reported that Jamal Muhesin, a member of Fatah central committee said that Azzam al-Ahmad, leader of […]

05 Jun

Detainee Suffering Serious Illness, Requires Urgent Care

June 5, 2012 2:39 PM Sarah Snobar News Report, Palestine, Prisoners 0

Political Prisoner Amer Bahar, from Abu Dis near occupied East Jerusalem, is reportedly suffering from a serious illness that requires care beyond the provisions of a prison clinic. Bahr was visited by the head of the legal unit of the Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS), lawyer Jawad Boulos, who confirmed that […]

05 Jun

Four Families Ordered to Destroy Their Homes

Four families were ordered to leave their homes by the Israeli authorities on Tuesday morning. They were then ordered to destroy their own homes before noon on Tuesday, not abiding by the 24 hour window given to families to evacuate their homes. The Israeli authority informed four families on Tuesday […]

04 Jun

Israeli Settlers Post Eviction Notices in Palestinian Communities

The Maan News Agency reported Monday that Israeli settlers from the Kiryat Arba settlement posted, on Saturday at night, eviction leaflets in Palestinian communities near Hebron. Residents said that the leaflets warned owners to leave their homes and halt all in progress construction activities. The leaflets were posted around Wadi […]

04 Jun

Israel to Deport 25,000 African Migrants

In an emergency meeting on Sunday afternoon, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued instructions to begin the deportation of illegal African migrants to countries which Israel has diplomatic relations with, which account for 25,000 out of 60,000 African migrants in Israel. Citizens of Ghana, Ethiopia, South Sudan and Ivory Coast […]

04 Jun

Fayyad Applauds South Africa’s Decision to Label Settlement Products

Palestinian Authority Prime Minster Salam Fayyad commended South Africa’s decision to label all settlement goods as such in a meeting in Ramallah with N W Makalima, the South African representative to the PA. Fayyad expressed his hopes that other countries would follow South Africa’s footsteps in accurately labeling settlement products. […]

31 May

Calls for Intervention in Arrests of Fishermen in Gaza

May 31, 2012 4:14 PM Sarah Snobar Gaza Strip, Human rights, News Report 0

The General Union of Palestinian Workers in Gaza demanded that human rights organizations intervene immediately to stop attacks on Palestinian fishermen that occur every fishing season.The Union condemned the Israeli occupation’s policy of arresting fishermen and confiscating their belongings as well as interrogating them. The Union claimed that this policy […]

31 May

Barak: ‘Israel Might Consider State With Temporary Borders’

May 31, 2012 3:20 PM Sarah Snobar Diplomacy, News Report, Palestine 0

Israeli defense minister, Ehud Barak, suggested, Wednesday, that Israel might consider a “unilateral move” for establishing a Palestinian state with temporary borders should negotiations between Israel and Palestine remain at a standstill. The statement was deemed ‘unacceptable’ by the Palestinian presidential spokesman, Nabil Abu Rodeina. Abu Rodeina told the WAFA […]

31 May

Israeli Citizen Fights for Palestinian Citizenship

May 31, 2012 2:30 PM Sarah Snobar Israel, Israeli Politics, News Report 0

An Israeli citizen has been imprisoned for trying to drop his Israeli citizenship and replace it with Palestinian citizenship. He said that he does not recognize Israeli courts and the Israeli government as they represent an illegal occupation.23-year-old Andrew Pshenichnikov has been in an Israeli prison for a week. He […]

30 May

Karem Abu Salem Crossing Open for a Second Day

May 30, 2012 4:22 PM Sarah Snobar Gaza Siege, Gaza Strip, News Report 0

Israel opened the Karem Abu Salem (Kerem Shalom) crossing on Wednesday morning allowing approximately 270-280 trucks into the Gaza Strip loaded with aid as well as supplies for the commercial and agricultural sectors.Raed Fattouh, chairman of the committee for the Coordination of the Entry of Goods into Gaza, said that […]

30 May

Army Abducts Fishermen In Gaza

The Israeli Navy abducted, on Wednesday, four Palestinian fishermen in Palestinian territorial waters off the coast of Beit Lahia town, in the Gaza Strip.The Maan News Agency reported that the four fishermen were forced off their boats after being surrounded by Israeli gunships, and were moved to an unknown destination. […]

30 May

Israeli Soldiers Invade Various Neighborhoods in Hebron

May 30, 2012 3:05 PM Sarah Snobar Hebron, Israeli attacks, News Report 0

Several neighborhoods in the city of Hebron were invaded on Wednesday morning by Israeli soldiers who then proceeded to take photographs of several homes in the area. The WAFA News Agency reported that Israeli soldiers stormed as-Salam Street and the as-Saheb neighborhood in the south of Hebron, invaded several homes […]

30 May

President Joachim Gauck Visits Israel and Ramallah

A meeting is scheduled between the new German President, Joachim Gauck and Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, and his Prime Minister, Dr. Salam Fayyad, in Ramallah on Thursday to discuss the latest political negotiations and developments.President Gauck has previously expressed his belief that President Abbas and PM Fayyad have accomplished a […]

30 May

Swiss Giant to Begin Labelling Settlement Products

Migros, one of Switzerland’s largest enterprises, has announced that it will start labeling all Israeli settlement products in 2013, following the example of various countries around the globe. Migros spokeswoman stated that this was not a boycott of settlement products, they are merely informing their customers of the source of […]

29 May

Settlers Fire ‘Spreads’ Into Palestinian Land

A fire started by Israeli settlers on Tuesday in Qaffin, near Tulkarem in the West Bank was put out by the Palestinian Civil Defense. The fire fighters arrived at the scene of the fire which is adjacent to Homesh settlement and found hundreds of acres full of forest trees and […]

29 May

Hamas and Fatah Working Towards Gaza Elections

The Central Elections Commission (CEC) has been granted permission on Monday to begin working in Gaza by the Hamas led government in order to prepare for elections. After years of rivalry, Hamas and Fatah are working together towards fresh elections that have been stalled for a number of years. The […]

29 May

CEC Preparing Gaza for Elections

After years of rivalry, Hamas and Fatah are working together towards elections. Therefore the Central Elections Commission (CEC) has been granted permission to begin working in Gaza by the government in order to prepare for elections. The division between the two groups has lasted five years, with Hamas governing Gaza […]

29 May

Tent of Nations: A Role Model for Self-Sustainability.

The Tent of Nations, situated outside of Bethlehem, has become a symbol of self-sufficiency and self-sustainability for Palestine as the Nassar family fights for the land it has owned for nearly a century. The Nassar family has been fighting for the right to keep their land since 1991, when it […]

29 May

Contractors Union Calls for Boycotting UNICEF Bids

The Palestinian Contractors Union has urged all Palestinian contractors and suppliers to boycott any bids offered by the UN Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) until it decides to withdraw all bids offered to Israeli companies. The Union warned that those who do not boycott the bids would be, in a way, […]

28 May

Bassem Tamimi to Receive Sentence from Military Court, on Tuesday

May 28, 2012 4:02 PM Sarah Snobar News Report, Palestine, Prisoners 0

PNN has reported on Monday that the Ofer Military Court will deliver its sentence in the case of non-violent activist Bassem Tamimi on Tuesday, May 29.Tamimi, a grass-root organizer from the village of Nabi Saleh, north of Ramallah in the West Bank, was granted bail last month after spending 13 […]

28 May

Youth Activists Voice Opposition to UN Agencies in Gaza

Youth activists in the Gaza Strip have suspended their demonstrations against the UN International Childrens Emergency Fund (UNICEF) which reportedly placed contracts with Israeli companies for reconstruction projects in Gaza. The protests were suspended pending a meeting to resolve the issue, the Maan News Agency reported. The placing of these […]

28 May

Six Palestinians Arrested by Israeli Forces at Dawn

May 28, 2012 2:24 PM Sarah Snobar News Report, Palestine, Prisoners 0

An Israeli army spokesman as saying that several Palestinians were arrested in various Palestinian cities at dawn this morning, the Palestine News Network (PNN) reported.The source added that the six detainees were from Nablus, Bethlehem and Hebron and were arrested and taken to detention centers for questioning. Israeli soldiers conduct […]

28 May

Palestinian Citizen Wounded by Settler

PNN has reported Israeli sources as announcing that a resident of the Palestinian village of Urif near Nablus had been seriously wounded during a confrontation with Israeli settlers. The Israeli radio station, Reshet Bet, clarified that a settler from the Itamar settlement shot Najeh As’ad al-Safadi, 22 years old, during […]

28 May

Australia Offers 90 million Dollars to UNRWA

PNN has reported that Australia has offered the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA) 90 million dollars to help cover costs of the services provided for Palestinian refugees. It has been reported that Australian foreign minister, Bob Carr signed an agreement with UNRWA Head, Filippo Grandi, that […]

24 May

Call for the release of a Palestinian Broadcaster

May 24, 2012 3:45 PM Sarah Snobar News Report, Palestine, Prisoners 0

The PNN reported that the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) has called for the release of Bahaa Khairi Moussa, Director of the Palestinian Prisoner Channel . Moussa was arrested on the 17th of May 2012 by the Israeli military in his hometown Jenin, and his equipment was confiscated. According to […]

24 May

Prisoners on Hunger Strike in Huwarra

Ma’an news agency reported earlier today that prisoners in Huwarra prison have taken part in an open hunger strike for the second day in protest to the inhumane treatment of the prisoners. The Prisoner’s society lawyers club confirmed that prisoners returned their meals to the administration, refusing to eat. This […]

24 May

Salah Zghair alive

May 24, 2012 3:00 PM Sarah Snobar News Report, Palestine, Prisoners 0

Reports from PNN have stated that the 18 year old Palestinian, Salah Zghair, is not dead.The Palestinian Prisoners Society has announced that Salah Zghair is in fact not dead, but rather he is being detained in Haddaseh hospital, reports PNN news. Zghair was admitted as an ‘unknown prisoner’ and is […]

24 May

Transforming Hebron into a Free Trade City

May 24, 2012 2:04 PM Sarah Snobar Hebron, Miscellaneous, News Report 0

Ma’an News Agency reported today that in an attempt to develop the Palestinian economy, Prime Minister Dr. Salam Fayyad is due to meet with various businessmen and economists from the district of Hebron today. Ma’an adds that a source has claimed that Fayyad is likely to announce the transformation of […]

22 May

DFLP Member Calls for Punitive Measures Against Israel at International Level

Calls for Israel to be held responsible by the UN Security Council and the International Criminal Court for its settlement crimes on Palestinian land were voiced by Taysir Khalid, a member of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine.Khalid said that even in a time of international condemnation of […]

22 May

Israel’s Control and Use of Water Leads to Water Crisis

May 22, 2012 3:08 PM Sarah Snobar Human rights, News Report, West Bank 0

The water crisis in the West Bank is a consequence of Israel’s control and use of water resources, PA Prime Minister Salem Fayyad said on Monday. A conference on water and the prospects for agriculture was organized by the Palestine Technical University where support for farmers and Palestinians right to […]