An Israeli citizen has been imprisoned for trying to drop his Israeli citizenship and replace it with Palestinian citizenship. He said that he does not recognize Israeli courts and the Israeli government as they represent an illegal occupation.23-year-old Andrew Pshenichnikov has been in an Israeli prison for a week. He is being detained for entering a West Bank zone other than “Zone C” which is the only zone Israelis are allowed into.

He moved to Dheisheh Refugee camp near Bethlehem which is in “Zone A” and therefore his actions are considered ‘against Israeli laws’.

Pshenichnikov has announced that he will not accept any judgment the court makes as he does not recognize the Israeli government as a legitimate authority as it is a government of occupation. Therefore, he does not recognize its judiciary.

The People’s Record, a group that identifies itself as ‘[a]n ongoing chronicle of communities of resistance around the world’ reported that Andrew said he supports the Palestinian resistance against the illegal Israeli occupation, and that he has ‘declared ideological closeness to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine’.