Consultant to the legal unit established by the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) to follow up Israeli violations of Palestinians rights, Naela Attiyeh, reported that resident Najeh as-Safadi has been transferred to Jordan to continue his treatment after forty centimeters of his intestine was removed due a gunshot wound, in addition to several health complications.As-Safadi, from Orif village near Nablus, was injured during an attack by settlers of the Yitzaher settlement.

In a press conference on Tuesday, Attiyeh announced that as-Safadi’s medical report reveled that a bullet fired by a guard of the Yitzaher settlement penetrated his body from the right side of his back and exited from the left of his stomach. He also unable to move one of his legs.

Attiyeh said that an Israeli officer, who was present when the settlers attacked and shot as-Safadi, prevented residents of the village from coming near him until he fell unconscious approximately 30 minutes after he was shot. He was then transported to Rafidya hospital in Nablus.

The settlers claimed that as-Safadi was armed, however the closest weapon found by his body was a military knife that was approximately one meter away.

The settlers also claimed that he destroyed his mobile phone in order to erase its contacts list. However it seems that the settlers in fact destroyed his phone while was trying to call his uncle for help.

During the press conference, Attiyeh said that she filed a complaint to the Israeli Attorney General, demanding Israel to look into crimes committed by the settlers of Yitzaher.

She also called for disarming the settlers, pointing out that the settlers, who attacked the village of Orif two weeks ago, also carried military-issued weapons.

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