Israel released Palestinian detainee Thaer Halahla, 32, ending his illegal Administrative Detention, without charges or trial, starting when he was kidnapped by the army on June 26, 2010.The release comes part of the agreement signed between the Israeli Prison Authority and the hunger striking detainees, especially administrative detainees who conducted the “empty bowels’ struggle demanding their release.

Aziz Halahla, the father of Thaer, confirmed that Israeli released his son at a roadblock west of the central West Bank City of Ramallah.

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Detainee Halahla Expected To Be Released Tuesday
Tue, 05 Jun 2012 10:03:43

The Israeli Prison Administration vowed, as part of the agreement with hunger-striking detainees, to release Thaer Halahla, 32, and the rest of Administrative Detainees who conducted an extended hunger-strike protesting their illegal imprisonment; Israel vowed not to renew the administrative detention orders issued against them with trial. Halahla is expected to be release Tuesday.

Halahla was kidnapped on June 28, 2010, and remained in prison without charges under the illegal administrative detention orders, repeatedly renewed against him.

Head of the Legal Unit of the Palestinian Prisoner Society (PPS), Jawad Boulos, visited Halahla at the prison hospital in the ar-Ramla Israeli prison.

He said that Halahla, and despite his weak body could not help but talk about his victory, the victory of the detainees, and the “fruits of this victory that they will pick” after conducting the battle of empty bowels.

Halahla’s father said that he is worried Israel might, as it previously has, retract its promises, but still continued preparations for the huge celebration for Halahla’s safe return home.

“Thaer will be welcomed here as a hero”, the father said. “He and his brothers (the detainees) remained steadfast; he conducted a 79-day hunger strike with full determination that he either receives freedom or martyrdom, we will celebrate his return”.

The father is a former political prisoner. He was kidnapped and imprisoned three times, including when he was kidnapped in 2007 and has spent five years in Israeli prisons.

“Even Thaer’s daughter, who was born after he was taken prisoner, is happy because she will meet her father for the very first time”, the father said. “His release will be a feast to her, to us, and to every dignified person who supported the detainees and their heroic battle”.

Halahla told his lawyer, Boulos, that despite his sadness for leaving his brothers in Israeli prisons, he is anxious yet happy because he will be able to be with his family, especially with his daughter, Lamar, who has never him, the Arabs48 News website reported.

Halahla said that he is still suffering from various health issues resulting from his extended hunger strike, and the lack of proper medical attention in prison, and that he hopes that, after his release, he will be able to seek the needed medical attention in his town, Kharas, near the southern West Bank city of Hebron.