Israel opened the Karem Abu Salem (Kerem Shalom) crossing on Wednesday morning allowing approximately 270-280 trucks into the Gaza Strip loaded with aid as well as supplies for the commercial and agricultural sectors.Raed Fattouh, chairman of the committee for the Coordination of the Entry of Goods into Gaza, said that 12 trucks loaded with cement and construction material, in addition to 52 trucks loaded with gravel will be used in implementing UNRWA construction projects, while 33 trucks loaded with gravel would be delivered for the benefit of projects run by the water authority.

Cooking gas will also be delivered despite certain limitations imposed by Israel, an issue that would render the allowed supplies insufficient.

Fattouh also stated that a truck carrying tomatoes will be exported to Jordan.

Israel also opened the crossing on Tuesday from 7 am till 7 pm, allowing 225 trucks into Gaza Strip; the trucks contained a variety of products such as wheat, agricultural materials, materials for transport services, metal and cables.