Youth activists in the Gaza Strip have suspended their demonstrations against the UN International Childrens Emergency Fund (UNICEF) which reportedly placed contracts with Israeli companies for reconstruction projects in Gaza. The protests were suspended pending a meeting to resolve the issue, the Maan News Agency reported. The placing of these contracts with Israeli companies for reconstructiong water stations destroyed by Israel’s ‘Cast Lead’ attack on Gaza 3 years ago was publicised last Thursday 24 May by the Palestinian Contractors Union (see link for more information).

The activists confirmed that they are waiting for the results of a meeting with UNICEF being held by various national bodies such as the Palestinian Contractors Union, the Water Authority and others.

This youth interaction in national issues is unprecedented which led to this meeting to encourage UNICEF to deal with this issue in a positive manner. The youth activists also sent a message to UNICEF directly saying that they will not accept half-solutions.

The youth activists also renewed their appeals to donors in Arab and Islamic countries, especially the Gulf Cooperation Council and the Islamic Development Bank, not to support UN agencies .

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