Dozens of activists, religious figures and families of Palestinian detainees held by Israel, participated Monday in a protest held in front of the Red Cross headquarters in Jerusalem, in solidarity with the hunger striking detainees.The protesters carried signs expressing solidarity with the detainees, and demanding their release.

Some of the signs called for an international boycott of Israel as an apartheid state, and as a state that violated international law.

Archbishop Attallah Hanna of the Greek Orthodox Church, and Nasser Qaws, head of the Jerusalem branch of the Palestinian Prisoners Society, participated in the protest.

Israel backed down on its vows that followed an open-ended hunger strike conducted by the detainees demanding their internationally-guaranteed rights.

The detainees are demanding Israel to stop its attacks and violations against them and against their visiting families, reinstating the right to education, halting solitary confinement policies, allowing visitations to Gaza Strip detainees and several other legitimate demands denied by Israel.