Four families were ordered to leave their homes by the Israeli authorities on Tuesday morning. They were then ordered to destroy their own homes before noon on Tuesday, not abiding by the 24 hour window given to families to evacuate their homes.
The Israeli authority informed four families on Tuesday morning that they need to leave their homes in the Northern Jordan valley. According to a local official, this is just a prelude to evacuate the area from its Palestinian residents.

Aref Daraghmeh, head of the local council of Wadi al-Maleh said that the four families live in the Khirbet al-Mayta and Wadi al-Malih.

Daraghmeh clarified that the families have 24 hours to leave their homes under such notifications. These notifications are only the most recent to an endless list of warnings and notifications in the area.

The Israeli military has previously destroyed many houses in the Jordan valley and forbade its citizens from entering their lands to cultivate them.

A similar situation occurred on Tuesday where the Israeli authority ordered the evacuation of many citizens in order for it to complete its military exercises in the area. 20 families spent Tuesday night in the open fields.