Two Palestinian children have been kidnapped by the Israeli military, in a pre-dawn raid in Monday, from the town of Beit Ommar in the Hebron district in the West Bank.The Palestinian Solidarity Project, based in Beit Ommar name the two children as 15-year-old Malik Jawad Zakik and Hamouda Jamal Abu Hashim, 13.

One of the children, Abu Hashim, has subsequently been released, but Zakik remains in detention.

These two children are amongst six who have been abducted over the past two days, the four others coming from East Jerusalem.

The State of Israel has come under frequent criticism for its policy of detaining minors, and interrogating them without a parent or lawyer present; and action illegal under both international and Israeli law.

In the recent case of Bassem at-Tamimi, some of the charges had to be thrown out, as it transpired that evidence against Tamimi had been coerced from a detained child.