The Palestine Press News Agency reported that one Palestinian child was killed, on Friday evening, and ten others were wounded, during clashes that took place with the Lebanese army.The child was identified as Ahmad Anees, 10, while at least ten other refugees were injured by rounds of live ammunition fired by the Lebanese army.

Palestinian political factions in the camp called for prosecuting the Lebanese army officers responsible for the attack, the Pal Press reported.

Arkam Bader, a political leader of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) in the camp, stated that the Palestinians and the Lebanese army are on the same side when it comes to resisting the Israeli occupation, “but the army should not attack the refugees and their dignity”, and added that what happened in the camp “is the outcome of a five-year long tension”.

Meanwhile, Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, ordered the Palestinian Ambassador in Lebanon, to conduct talks with Lebanese officials in order to contain the clashes.

Abbas said that the Palestinian-Lebanese relations are based on trust, cooperation, and respect of the law in the country, and added that all parties should act on preventing further escalation.