Three Palestinians and one Israeli were killed during clashes that took place Monday morning along the Egyptian border with Israel. The army claims that a Palestinian armed group on the Egyptian side of the border fired an RPG at the army before engaging in an automatic fire attack.The fighters, according to initial information, opened automatic fire at Israeli military vehicles driving in the area before firing a Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) shell.

According to the Israeli Ynet News, the fighters intended to use roadside bombs to target two army contractor crews responsible for building the wall Israel is building along the border with Egypt; one Israeli was killed and two others were wounded.

Ynet reported that the attack took place close to the so-called Philadelphia Route, near what Israel called “dune sector”; The Philadelphi Route is a 14 kilometer road along the border between Gaza and Israel. The route was built on the expense of Palestinian lands, and led to the destruction of numerous homes.

Following the attack, the Israeli army ordered all residents in the area to remain home, as initial reports indicate that some of the gunmen might have managed to infiltrate into Israel.

More soldiers were deployed into the area; the Israeli military sealed roads number 12 and 10 along the border with Egypt.

Israeli security sources reported that it is highly unlikely that this attack is connected to the presidential elections in Egypt, adding that Israel had information about attacks planned across the border with Egypt, and that the attacked was likely carried out by a Palestinian armed group based in the Gaza Strip.