As the majority of the 12 million Palestinians in the world are now living in exile outside of Palestine, 60 representative of exiled Palestinians have just arrived in Palestine to get to know their homeland and heritage.

The delegates were welcomed by Palestinian officials and traditional scouts parades and mass celebrations.

The delegates, coming through the Know Thy Heritage program held yearly by HCEF, will get the opportunity to enhance their understanding of Palestine while having the fruitful and challenging experience of fostering a deep relationship with their ancestral homeland.

The delegates are from all ages and generations, and come from 15 countries in the world including the United States, Chile, Honduras, United Arab Emirates, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Columbia and Australia.


Despite coming from different countries and walks of life, each of these young delegates can trace their ancestry to cities and villages throughout Palestine.


The delegates will be introduced to different economic, developmental, and cultural institutions, and will build relationships with these institutions and Palestinian youth from the various cities they visit. They will also take part in home stays with local families, which will help them build relationships and connect with their fellow Palestinians.

The 5th Palestinian Diaspora Conference will also be held in conjunction with the arrival of the delegation to Palestine.