Israeli soldiers destroyed, on Tuesday morning, five wells and three tents used by local residents of Zannouta area, in addition to removing two tents in a Khirbit Susya village, south of the southern West Bank city of Hebron.Local sources reported that the army, accompanied by a military bulldozer, destroyed five wells and three tents in Zannouta, and the soldiers violently assaulted a number of Palestinian residents protesting the destruction of their property.

The destroyed wells and tents belong Odah Abu Sharkh, Edeis Abu Sharkh, Nabil Samamra and Mohammad Khaled Samamra.

In Susya, the army removed two tents used by Mohammad Mousa Mghannam and ten family members.

Nasr Nawaj’a, a resident of Susya, said that the army first demolished the structures nearly a month ago, and demolished them again today in order to expand the illegal Susia settlement, built on the residents land.

On Monday, the army handed several residents of nearby villages military orders informing them to leave their homes in preparation to demolish them.

The attack comes in implementation of an order made by Israeli Defense Minister, Ehud Barak, who decided to displace eight Palestinian villages south of Hebron in order to transform the area into a military zone.

Furthermore, residents of Kbhirbit At-Tabban village, received notices handed to them by the army ordering them to remove solar panels that provide them with power.

In related news, a number of extremist settlers burnt, on Monday at night, three Palestinian cars in Wad Khamis area, close to Sa’ir town, near Hebron. The torched vehicles belong to residents Zein Ed-Deen, Mohammad and Mahdi Al-Froukh.