The Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) reported that the clinic at the Ramla Prison is trying to bargain with an ailing hunger striking detainee, and told him that he will be able to get the needed injection should he end his strike. The PPS said that detainee Ayman Sharawna, who has been on hunger strike for 63 days, stated that he will not allow the Prison Administration to force him end his strike in exchange for medication despite his pain and deteriorating condition.

It added that Sharawna was one of the detainees who were released by Israel under the prisoner swap deal that secured the release of Israeli corporal, Gilad Shalit, in return for the release of over a thousand Palestinian detainees. He was first taken prisoner in 2002 and was sentenced to 38 years.

Sharawna is suffering from sharp pain in his back, his kidneys, and lost 25 kilograms. He is currently only drinking water.

He was supposed to be sent to court on August 25, but the prosecution delayed the court session until September 8. Sharawna is currently held without charges.

The detainee told the visiting lawyer of the PPS that he, and all hunger striking detainees, are calling on the international community to intervene and save the lives of all detainees, imprisoned by Israel under harsh conditions, and deprived of their basic rights guaranteed by International Law.

It is worth mentioning that detainee Samer Al-Barq has been on hunger strike for 103 days, while detainee Hasan As-Safady has been hunger striking for 73 days, while detainee Samer Al-Esawy entered his 32nd day of strike.

Dozens of detainees are holding hunger strike demanding Israel to end the its violations against them, and to end the Administrative Detention policy that allows extended and repeatedly renewed imprisonment of the detainees without charges.
There are 250 Palestinians who are currently imprisoned under administrative detention orders, without charges or trial.

Palestinian researcher and former political prisoners, Abdul-Nasser Farawna, reported last month that Israel is currently holding captive 4550 Palestinians, held in 17 prisons, detention and interrogation centers, and added that 220 Palestinian children are still imprisoned by Israel.