Egyptian daily, Al-Ahram, reported that the case of the Israeli spy, Odah At-Tarabeen, imprisoned in Egypt, has surfaced again after the Israeli Radio reported last Tuesday that Israel is willing to release all Egyptian detainees (83) in return for the release of its spy.Al-Ahram said that an Israeli security official visited Cairo, last week, and met a number of senior Egyptian security official to discuss the case of At-Tarabeen, and the efforts to advance the prisoner swap deal.

The Israeli official submitted an official request to the Egyptian government asking them to release Tarabeen in return for releasing all 83 Egyptian detainees held by Israel. At-Tarabeen was arrested by the Egyptian security forces 11 years ago.

Al-Ahram said that Egypt handed Tel Aviv a list containing the names of all Egyptian detainees, and the charges that were filed against them, in order to ensure their release should the swap deal be implemented.