The Israeli military reported Monday that a Palestinian man dropped a bag filled with explosives a roadblock near Ni’lin village, near the central West Bank city of Ramallah, and fled the scene. Explosive experts arrived at detonated the explosives in a controlled explosion.Israeli Ynet News reported that four pipe bombs were found in the bag and were safely detonated by an explosive expert, and that the army initiated a campaign to locate and arrest the man who managed to escape after dropping the bag.

Ynet said that the man arrived at the roadblock without a permission to enter Israel, and the soldiers turned him away.

Shortly afterwards, the man returned carrying a bag, and when the soldiers wanted to search him, he threw it at them and ran away.

The soldiers ordered the roadblock sealed until explosive experts managed to detonate the explosives; dozens of Israeli soldiers were then deployed in the area and started searching it in an attempt to locate the man and others who are believed to be involved in the attempted attack.