Palestinian sources in the Al-Yarmouk refugee camp, in the Syrian Capital, Damascus, reported that seven Palestinian refugees were killed in the camp, on Thursday evening, after several mortars were fired into the camp.The sources stated that the mortars targeted Safad and Al-Ja’ouna areas in the camp; several refugees were also injured in the shells.

Furthermore, several shells were fired close to the Al-Basel Hospital in the area.

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Palestinian Killed In Yarmouk Refugee Camp In Syria
Thu, 06 Sep 2012 02:55:26

Facebook activists, and the Al-Yarmouk News, in Syria reported that a Palestinian refugee in Al-Yarmouk refugee camp was killed, on Wednesday evening, after the camp was bombarded.

The Al-Yarmouk News reported that Ala’ Farouq was killed by shells that targeted Al-Maliki Street, and added that several families, taking shelter at a high school in the area, had to leave due to armed clashes that took place nearby. Shells were also fired at building in Al-Quds Street.

It is worth mentioning that fierce clashes took place near the high school before the shells were fired into the area.