The sources said that the car was transporting several workers in Jinba area, south of Yatta town, taking them to Be’er As-Sabe’ (Bir Shiva); soldiers chased the car until it crashed.The wounded day laborers were identified as Ayman Attallah Abu Fanar, 31, and Taha Badawi Mohammad, 55; both from Doura. The two suffered carious cuts and bruises and were moved to the Emergency Unit at Hebron Governmental Hospital.

Israel refrains from granting Palestinian workers work permits, and the army chases hundreds of workers along the areas that are adjacent to Bir Shiva.

Poverty, the lack of resources and ongoing Israeli violations are pushing thousands of day laborers to take the risk of infiltrating into Israel seeking work.

On Saturday at night, September 8, four Palestinian workers were injured after Israeli soldiers violently attacked them south of Hebron.

The workers were trying to go to Israel where they work in construction, but the soldiers stopped their car in Jibna area, south of Hebron, before violently attacking and beating them on different parts of their body. The assault mainly focused on their heads, arms and legs.

The wounded workers were identified as Rami Jamal Abu Fanar, Firas Jadallah Abu Fanar, Mohammad Jamal Abu Fanar, and Mohammad Ata Abu Fanar.

A medical source at the Abu al-Hasan Hospital, where the four were hospitalized, said that the workers suffered moderate injuries and that they bleeding from their heads, arms and legs.