Israeli daily, Yedioth Aharonoth reported Friday that political criticisms of the policies of Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, are on the rise due to his meddling in the American Presidential election campaign, and quoted an official stating that “Netanyahu thinks he runs the United States”. A political official told the paper that “Netanyahu thinks he sets U.S. policies, tries to dictate Washington on red lines regarding Iran”, and added that Netanyahu’s actions made U.S. President, Barack Obama, become fed-up with him, and pushed Obama to treat Netanyahu as “a high-level politician of the Republican Party”.

The source said that Netanyahu is pressuring Obama into setting a final date for the war on Iran, especially after he learnt that some political advisers of Obama were advising him to wage a war on Iran in order to boost his chances of winning the upcoming Presidential elections.

Commenting on the meeting Netanyahu is trying to hold with Obama, the official said that “Netanyahu is betting that Obama will not risk the consequences of not meeting him as he will be risking Jewish voters”, but Obama became aware of this plan and realized that the “political harm resulting from not holding a meeting with Netanyahu is less than the harm of actually holding a meeting with him”.

He also accused Netanyahu of harming the historic U.S-Israeli relations, and added that the Netanyahu policies led to the isolation of Israel in an unprecedented manner and instead of recruiting the world against Iran, the International Community “is now busy in trying to convince Israel not to strike Iran”.

“Netanyahu is now practically the only person who is supporting a strike against Iran; the International Community is opposing any military action”, the official said, “Even Israel’s security and military leaders, including Defense Minister, Ehud Barak, are opposing Netanyahu’s attitude”.