Activists in the Syrian opposition stated Sunday that the Syrian army bombarded a location, where armed fighters were believed to be hiding, in the al-Yarmouk Refugee Camp, near Damascus, leading to the death of at least 16 persons.They added that the al-Yarmouk Refugee Camp, located near the southern entrance of Damascus, became a battlefield due to armed conflicts that took place between the resistance and Syrian soldiers.

Mohammad al-Hour, one of the opposition activists, told Reuters that al-Yarmouk Refugee Camp has a high density population, therefore, any shelling will lead to a large number of casualties.

He added that among the killed Sunday were several medics, while dozens of persons were injured due to the bombardment, some seriously.

There are approximately half a million Palestinian refugee living in the al-Yarmouk; most of whom were forced into exile during Israel’s creation in the historic land of Palestine in 1948.

The camp was repeatedly bombarded by the Syrian army, an issue that led to dozens of casualties.